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(541) 915-7070

Purple Paper

$120 Minimum


All payments accepted


Standard Room Starts at 


Room Pet Treatment Starts at


Flight of Stairs 




Room Carpet Protector


Base Board Cleaning 


*Standard Room 15X15ft

*Fruit juice, wine, ink, wax and other specialty stains will be additional cost

*Charge may apply for extended distance, call for details

*For best results

Please Pre-Vacuum

Blue Texture

$99 Minimum


RV Cleaning


RV Pet Treatment Starts at


Fabric Ceiling Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

*Fruit juice, wine, ink, wax and other specialty stains will be additional cost

*For best results

Please Pre-Vacuum 

Green Texture

$99 Minimum


Dining Chair




Standard Sofa




Area Rugs Call For Pricing

*Fruit juice, wine, ink, wax and other specialty stains will be additional cost

*For best results

Please Pre-Vacuum 


Words of the People


Rob is consistently thorough, on time and flexible with scheduling...we are lucky to have had his service the last few years! Steve and I have four kids, who have lots of friends and the amount of foot-traffic in this place is why we call him as often as we do. He never disappoints and he is about the kindest and easy going guy you'll ever meet. Highly recommend. 5 stars all the way! Thanks Rob!!

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IMG_20180520_120343 (1).jpg








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Welcome to Rob's Carpet Cleaning!

Since 1997 we have been providing our local community with the highest quality carpet cleaning! We are, and always will be, considerate of your time and possessions.  We will be honest and strive to earn and maintain your trust, making you happy to refer us to friends and family.  It takes experience, powerful well maintained equipment, hard work, and top quality cleaning solutions to give you the best results. In a friendly, professional, careful manner. You have our word!


  1. Pre-Inspection: We will inspect your carpet and address any concerns you may have as well as noting carpet wear and soiling conditions.  We will discuss any stain related issues there may be.

  2. Pre-Condition / Pre-Spot Treatment: All carpet will be pre-sprayed and spots will be pre-treated for more effective cleaning.

  3. Agitation: Loosen the soil and spots before the extraction process.

  4. Extraction and Rinse: Our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction process will thoroughly rinse the carpet pile of any cleaners, soil, and contaminants etc. with very hot neutral pH SOFT water.  It will be given an extra rinse pass, and two extraction passes to speed up the dry time.

  5. Post Inspection: To ensure satisfaction with our work and to address any questions you may have.